IDEAS, INSIGHT & CIVIL DISCOURSE issue 2 / October 2017

On School Choice

Is it possible to have strong public schools and choice?

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As someone who is keenly focused on educating children in underserved communities and a life long Democrat…I am whole heartedly in agreement with Jeb Bush! We do not have time for incremental change in urban education. We see the results…

In Response to: Empowering Families Through Educational Freedom

I agree with Superintendent, Richard Carranza. “Our children must be held academically accountable, but we must also help them become more than their test scores.” We need to measure what matters. The Houston ISD is about investing in Every Child.…

In Response to: A Letter To the 45th President

Excellent point; we are wasting too much money and time, especially in Nevada, by debating if and how to fund school choice programs. Instead, we should focus how to infuse innovative best practices throughout the education and learning ecosystem so…

In Response to: Lowell Milken and Education Philanthropy

I completely agree and am encouraged by this conclusion; that strategic philanthropic investments in cost-effective tech-enabled personalized learning has the potential to transform the whole system. To ensure investments are successful, we must heed Mr. Milken's insight above; "Collaboration is…

In Response to: Lowell Milken and Education Philanthropy

This statement appears to be at odds with your comment above about learning loss in charter schools. Is there something to be learned from the math success shown by these charter schools that could be replicated in public schools?

In Response to: Public Should Mean Something

Kudos to Alison and Dale for using a scientific approach to hiring and ensuring the best teachers possible are working with their students to achieve their academic goals. Greg Dietz – Maine TWP HS D207

In Response to: Talent Acquisition in a Teacher Economy Squeezed by Shortages and School Choice

Sydney's comment about collaboration among schools generating positive outcomes, sparked a connection about ways to identify common ground. Perhaps situating civil discourse in the context of joint sweat equity, by walking in another's shoes for a day to solve problems…

In Response to: Is it possible to have strong public schools and choice?

This is a great article that highlights “CHOICE” from all directions. I have worked in/with charter schools and legislators for over 15 years and in many states. If there were more Superintendents like Brevard County, which was one of my…

In Response to: Is it possible to have strong public schools and choice?

In an economy where knowledge is king, the solution is a quality education.

— Jeb Bush, Founder, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Excellence in Education