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I like that you suggest the purpose of education is to provide an equal shot at the American dream for everyone. However, I am not sure that is really accepted. Frankly, today’s public education system is fundamentally the same as…

In Response to: Voices: with Margaret Spellings

Why are the guns always to blame? It’s the person behind the gun that is responsible for these tragic deaths, they merely use guns to live out their sick and twisted fantasies. Why are we not wanting to ban knives…

In Response to: Is Safety in the Eye of the Beholder?

Opportunities and choices are NOT the same things. I had lots of choices- few good ones. Living in a poverty stricken home, in rural America, we had few great choices. I had talent- but little opportunity. Living in the sticks,…

In Response to: Do More Choices Mean Better Choices?

Agreed. How communities choose to define "disruptive" will influence the process that local districts define in terms of how to address this issue.

In Response to: Superintendent or Constitutional Scholar?

How do we embrace the voice of students as a learning opportunity for all versus trying to silence student voices which is a form of oppression that likely escalates to more extreme forms of expression?

In Response to: Superintendent or Constitutional Scholar?

"Virgin Territory" is an opportunity for students and educators alike to engage in dialogue so as to understand the reasons behind the chant and also a teachable moment to present how that impacts others – do we stop to have…

In Response to: Superintendent or Constitutional Scholar?

To what extent is "Silence" i the problem? When we repress the voice of students, we miss the opportunity to learn from and explore different perspectives – this is how we create opportunities for transformation. If we silence voices, we…

In Response to: Superintendent or Constitutional Scholar?

It's amazing that data silos continue to be such a persistent challenge. This is one area where interoperability investment is totally worth it –both for the district and for improvement in the candidate-to-teacher experience.

In Response to: Talent Acquisition in a Teacher Economy Squeezed by Shortages and School Choice

We must continue to meet students where they are...

— Hanna Skandera, Editor-in-Chief, The Line