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Holding standards high is an equitable philosophy for educators that can help students later in life. However, who sets this bar and how high? Will it hold some back while being impossible for others. Worthy goal, but not an easy…

In Response to: The Imperatives and Casualties of College Readiness

Without the ability to read, all other things in life become almost impossible. It opens up so much opportunity for an individual and gives them more control over how to direct their life and navigate the world around them.

In Response to: Do the Fundamentals of K-12 Education Still Matter?

Great statement. Learning happens all the time during life and not always in a formal setting. It can be on the job, in school, at home, in your community, and in no particular order or time in your life.

In Response to: Virginia CTE Program Embraces Multiple Pathways to Success After High School

This statement brings the purpose of education around full circle. Education leads to freedom which spurs opportunity and ability to achieve life goals and to be a prosperous citizen. Without education, there is no opportunity, and there is not opportunity…

In Response to: Can One System Prepare Students to be Ready for Both College and Career?

Great point. School doesn't have to just be about prepping for college or a career, nor should it. A proper civic education can help produce better informed and thoughtful citizens.

In Response to: Educating Good Citizens

I thoroughly enjoyed this article. It’s the first time I’ve read from your publication, however ;it won’t be the last. I can agree that we need to return to creating citizens in our schools again. I do not believe that…

In Response to: About the Value of Education

I like that you suggest the purpose of education is to provide an equal shot at the American dream for everyone. However, I am not sure that is really accepted. Frankly, today’s public education system is fundamentally the same as…

In Response to: Voices: with Margaret Spellings

Why are the guns always to blame? It’s the person behind the gun that is responsible for these tragic deaths, they merely use guns to live out their sick and twisted fantasies. Why are we not wanting to ban knives…

In Response to: Is Safety in the Eye of the Beholder?

We must continue to meet students where they are...

— Hanna Skandera, Editor-in-Chief, The Line