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It's amazing that data silos continue to be such a persistent challenge. This is one area where interoperability investment is totally worth it –both for the district and for improvement in the candidate-to-teacher experience.

In Response to: Talent Acquisition in a Teacher Economy Squeezed by Shortages and School Choice

From a practical perspective, I wonder how these recommendations would be manifested differently or similarly in a virtual school.

In Response to: Voices: with Sydnee Dickson and Karla Estrada

Might a Sixth step be around reinforcing even small steps forward?

In Response to: Matching Cultural Relevance to Curriculum

How can we focus on our own spheres of influence as an alternative to lamenting, at best, or blaming other factors?

In Response to: Matching Cultural Relevance to Curriculum

I'm thinking about how this might be a way to authentically teach decision-making skills and provides an opportunity for practice. Other thoughts?

In Response to: Matching Cultural Relevance to Curriculum

Love these suggestions and reminders! I'm wondering about including opportunities for students to explain their positions, as an opportunity to help clarify their own viewpoints and broaden their collective understanding on a contentious topic.

In Response to: How One Student Protest Went

Thinking about risk-taking when it comes to putting your position out there and the recognition that it's often easier not to engage. How do we create the trust needed to collectively move into that space of discomfort with civility?

In Response to: Winners & Choosers

Ideas wither without civil discourse.

— John Deasy, Editor-in-Chief, The Line