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The Frontline Research and Learning Institute Presents Civil Discourse Dinners

Talking about the toughest K-12 issues is critical to problem solving. Still, it can be difficult to open a conversation and express our viewpoints in a way that is both honest and constructive. Too often our own beliefs, bias, passion and risk get in the way.

"Ideas wither without civil discourse."
John Deasy

The Frontline Research & Learning Institute is dedicated to breaking down those barriers to progress and creating opportunities for civil engagement and a way forward. To that end, the Institute has launched the Civil Discourse Dinners.

As John Deasy has said, “Ideas wither without civil discourse.” The Civil Discourse Dinners model the kind of sharing of opinion, information and insights that we advocate for in The Line. Our goal is to host meals and conversations like the one in Boston in communities across the country.

Hear from facilitators and participants ↓

We're still grappling with what Civil Discourse really is.

— Civil Discourse Dinner Attendee

Everyone left feeling we had a good conversation. While there was some disagreement, there was a lot of civility in the room.

— Civil Discourse Dinner Attendee

I see many opportunities to leverage my public role to make mention of "proactive civility".  I'll work on articulating what that means.

— Civil Discourse Dinner Attendee