Do Suburban Hiring Practices Limit Diversity?

In its recent report, “A Leak in the Pipeline,” the Frontline Research & Learning Institute shared some unexpected findings about the relationship between the ways that teacher candidates learn about open positions and the likelihood that school districts will hire them: teachers who report that they are referred to school districts by word-of-mouth are 2.5 times more likely to get the job than peers who are referred through job board sites.

Elizabeth Combs
Managing Director, Frontline Research & Learning Institute
Sarah Silverman, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Whiteboard Advisors

Candidates in suburban districts are 1.4x more likely to get a job from word-of-mouth referrals than those in urban districts.

That equals 151,921 suburban applicants who were hired perhaps because they were referred locally. Which could mean students are less likely than their peers in urban, rural and town-located districts to have access to a broad diversity of teachers.

suburban hiring practices infographic

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