Civil Discourse in Action:

With Dr. Anthony Carnevale and Roberto Rodriguez

At The Line, our commitment to advancing civil discourse requires modeling it as much as we are able. We endeavor to demonstrate how to respectfully work through differences and find common ground by telling the stories of education leaders across the country.

To that end, we’ve invited Dr. Anthony Carnevale, research professor and director of The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, and Roberto Rodriguez, president and CEO of Teach Plus, and former deputy assistant to President Obama for education, to show us how it’s done. Anthony “Tony” and Roberto agreed to talk through a very big idea — the administration’s proposed merger of the Departments of Education and Labor. Editor-in-Chief Hanna Skandera sat down with them to listen in and call out points of agreement and dissent as well as common ground.

You can find the top of their conversation excerpted here — and edited for clarity — with the full recording of their exchange below.

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The Line | Issue 4

Civil Discourse in Action:

Tony Carnevale & Roberto Rodriguez discuss proposed merger of Department of Education and Labor

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