In the essays that follow, King and Dubé advance various ideas for improving civics education in America and attest to the importance of literacy as well. Meeting these goals simultaneously might be one of the most important education conversations of our time.

Civil Discourse Prompts
What is the goal of civics education?
How might civics education be woven into core curriculum?
Should schools mandate civics instruction?
Louise Dubé Executive Director

Louise Dubé joined iCivics as executive director in July 2014. She discovered the power of education in the early 1990s as a co-founder of CASES, a New York alternative-to-incarceration program for youthful offenders. Most recently, Louise was the managing director of digital learning at WGBH. Previously, she served as president of Pangea Tools, vice president of marketing at Time To Know, president of Soliloquy Learning and vice president and general manager at Scientific Learning.

girl holding book looking toward the statue of liberty
John B. King Jr. President and CEO
The Education Trust

John B. King Jr. is the president and CEO of The Education Trust, a national nonprofit organization that seeks to identify and close educational opportunity and achievement gaps. King served as secretary of education in the Obama administration. Prior to that role, King was deputy secretary. He joined the department following his post as New York state education commissioner. King began his career as a high school social studies teacher and middle school principal.

We also can do more to embed service learning in students’ experience of school. But service must go beyond one-off trips to the local soup kitchen. Instead, students should have opportunities to use their classroom learning to identify the structural obstacles and injustices that their communities face and to develop solutions. I’ve often said some form of national service should be required for all young people in America.

Second, through partnerships with schools, nonprofits, civic and civil rights groups, local governments and other organizations, we should enable students to develop an inclination toward informed activism.

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