Communication and Engagement Pave the Way for Recovery

Houston Charter Communities Show Resilience After Harvey

It should give us hope that we are able to forget our differences and create defining moments when the need is readily apparent and clearly urgent.

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“Now is not the time for our schools to lower our expectations for student learning.”

A group of volunteers in Houston aiding recovery efforts after Harvey

The KIPP Houston and YES Prep school communities are, in a word, resilient. There are people that study this kind of thing to help organizations and communities prepare for the unexpected like natural disasters. Anita Chandra of Rand Corporation’s Resilience in Action is one of them. According to Chandra, good schools and school systems are the foundation of community resilience. They know how to partner with community-based organizations. They understand how to attend to the emotional and social health of their kids. Natural disasters, in that way, provide opportunity for charter school networks like KIPP Houston and YES Prep to affirm that.

Chandra and her colleagues at Rand developed an online training tool to help schools and other organizations build resilient communities. They define resilience as:

  • Mitigating and withstanding the stress of manmade and natural disasters
  • Recovering in a way that restores normal functioning
  • Applying lessons learned from past responses to better withstand future incidents.

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