Infographic: Delivering on the Promise of Education

Are We Delivering on the Promise of Education for the 3,651,200 young Americans who will graduate from high school this spring or the 3,727,000 fresh-faced kindergartners who will begin their K-12 experience next fall?
(Source: National Center for Education Statistics)


What about the 2.79 million students who participated in secondary-level CTE courses in 2016-17?

Are they thriving members of the workforce or putting their career and technical skills and knowledge to good use in continuing education?

(Source: Carl T. Perkins Act web portal)


Are we nurturing students who have command of their rights and responsibilities as Americans so they may fully participate in our democracy?

Only 23% of eighth graders showed above proficient knowledge of civics in 2014.

(Source: NAEP 2014)


For this school year, the U.S. is projected to spend $654 billion on K-12 education.

Are those dollars serving students well?

(Source: National Center for Education Statistics)


What about the parental expectations for students to pursue higher education?

94% of parents expect that future for their children under the age of 18.

(Source: PEW Research)


A 2018 study reported 52% of school leaders believe too little time is devoted to civics education while 48% believe the right amount is dedicated.

(Source: EdWeek Research Center 2018 Study)


Have our efforts prepared the 20,014,000 college students to stay in school and excel?

(Source: National Center for Education Statistics)


Only 44% of Americans believe college is “very important,” which is a sharp decline from the 75% who ranked it as very important in 2010.

(Source: 46th Annual PDK-Gallup Poll)


Are students between the ages of 14 and 23 encouraged by the prospect of continued learning?

A new study reveals that two-thirds of them rank their college motivations by their future financial security.

(Source: Harris Poll)

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