The Line Debut at AASA

April 2017

We’ve got to model something different for our students and for the adults who have forgotten that working together is how we make big change in education and lots of other things.
Kaya Henderson, former chancellor, District of Columbia Public Schools

Experience the launch of The Line at AASA’s 2017 National Conference. Hear from Former Chancellor, DC Public Schools – Kaya Henderson, The Line Editor-In-Chief – John Deasy, Resident Scholar and Director of Education Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute – Rick Hess and many more leaders in education as they engage in civil discourse and discuss the need for a forum to begin these critical conversations.

The inaugural issue of The Line debuted with an audience representing diverse backgrounds, opinions and politics who could all agree on one thing – we must find common ground and a path forward for the benefit of our schools, our educators and our nation’s next generation of learners.

On Civil Discourse

The Line’s purpose is to offer new ideas and insight and encourage civil discourse on the most significant K-12 issues we face.


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