The Genesis of The Line

February 2017

Dear Readers,

It may seem odd that a technology company that espouses efficiency and effectiveness has taken up the cause of civil discourse. But The Line speaks to what we believe in wholly — that conversation and exchange of ideas and information are the key to problem solving and bettering outcomes for K-12 administrators, educators and students.

Frontline is more than a technology company. It is a true partner to the education community. For our part, we are dedicated to providing data and insights to educational organizations across the country with the hope of encouraging the kind of discussion and decision making that brings about real change. That’s why we created the Frontline Research & Learning Institute in 2016. It’s also behind the Institute’s rationale for publishing The Line. In fact, The Line was born of a conversation.

Conversations are the crucible of possibilities; courage, their lifeblood.

The Line is the result of collegial discourse among my colleagues; Frontline Education Chief Marketing Officer / Chief Strategy Officer, Tony Marzulli; Frontline Research & Learning Institute Executive Director, Elizabeth Combs, and our friend, education leader and now Editor-in-Chief for The Line, John E. Deasy. While we viewed many of the issues that challenge K-12 from different perspectives by virtue of our backgrounds and beliefs, we knew that together the sum of our strengths and expertise could yield an incredible resource for K-12 organizations across the country.

On behalf of the Frontline Research & Learning Institute, my thanks to Tony, Elizabeth and John, the editorial advisory board and the entire editorial team. We are proud to arrive at this moment and appreciate the many education leaders — administrators, advocates, policymakers, practitioners and researchers — who stand on the front line of education and contributed to this publication.



Tim Clifford

Frontline Education